About us

The hospital is reputed since 1975 with the assistance of licensed Ayurveda Pharmacy since 1977, by the blessed hands of Dr.Karthikeyan, BAMS (Ayurveda Medical College , Trivandrum), the science is not only a treatment for the doctor himself but the blessings of ancestor’s who were Vaidya’s of king’s reign Salubrious is a sister concern by his son Dr.Dhaneesh Karthikeyan to keep the tradition going on spiritually in holistic way.

Know About Our Salubrious

The panchakarma hospital located at serenity of sea and beauty of cliff is nourished with spiritual science “Ayurveda” to heal with the blessings of Lord Dhanwantari The holistic science is followed in a divine way for the wll being of health, also to ensure the tradition of hereditary to keep the science untouched by modern technical impairments. We at Salubrious offers you experienced and qualified Doctors therapist and caretaker’s to ensure subtle care. Medicaments provided us is manufactured by our licensed pharmaceutical since 1977. We all know that body is under tear and wear as the age passes by, We need to clean, rejuvenate, distress and many more to maintain the legacy of living we ensure you with safe hands and herbs to prevent you from illness our treatments begins with consultation to identity and realize your body. Together with healing by organic foods cooked in firewood and served in mud plates to ensure the health in all way. With organic food, Herbs, Panchakarma you are brought back to nature. Together with health and happiness we offer you Ayurvedic study courses to know, understand life style, food style treatments herbs and many more to carry back with you from us to maintain health and precast the wrong way of living.

The Hospital is a part of Sree Ayyappa Ayurveda Hospital and Pharmaceuticals since 1975 promoted by family of ayurveda physicians, now lead by blessed hands of Dr. K. Karthikeyan B.A.M (Ayurveda Medical Colleage Trivandrum). Salubrious is Ayurveda retreat by his son Dr. Dhaneesh Karthikeyan B.A.M.S to bring together ancient and effective treatment methodologies to heal and rejuvenate.


Our Ayurvedic doctor will give you an in depth understanding about your individual body type according to Ayurveda principles.Along with knowing your pre-dominant or inherent dosha (body type), the imbalanced dosha will aso be discussed and body will be explained. Ayurveda is widely known to be beneficial in treating and managing conditions of the skin and hair, IBS and other digestive complaints, cholesterol and bloohd pressure abnormalities, hormonal imbalance, arthritis and joint problems, insomnia. Following the cosultation the doctor may recommend elements tailored to your needs, like medications,Ayurvedic Diet, and other Ayurvedic therapies during and or post retreat.


We provide you a dosha food chart according to your imbalance and discuss ideas and suggestions for in corporation into your meal plan at home


Healthy well balanced nutritious food according to you body balance and imbalances helps to detox the body effectively and easily.